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The Hub 2011

"It’s surprising how much you can feel for a guy dressed as a rock-coddling penguin.

Early in “Birds of a Feather,” actor Matt Dewberry turns up in black-and-white street garb and a ski cap with earflaps, squeezing a stone between his feet. He resembles a dorky schoolchild bundled up for recess, but in the world of Marc Acito’s nimble-witted play, now receiving its world premiere from the Hub Theatre in Fairfax, he is Roy, a wistful gay penguin who’s pretending the rock is an egg. He looks seriously goofy — but you can’t help feeling a tug at your heartstrings....
Up a flight of steps is the domain of the hawks, who — in a resonant touch — are also played by Dewberry and Crane. Dewberry, who exudes befuddled sweetness as the penguin Roy, radiates macho swagger when he dons a red-and-silver jacket to play Pale Male. Crane, a picture of edgy street cred when he portrays Silo in jeans and fingerless gloves, adopts preening-diva mannerisms and a frilly vest to depict Lola. (Debra Kim Sivigny devised the costumes.)"
-Celia Wren, Washington Post